Welcome to St. Basil the Great Church

Utica, New York
  • HOLY MYSTERY OF CONFESSION: Before or after any service, or any time by appointment.

  • HOLY MYSTERY OF CHRISTIAN ILLUMINATION: Please contact the pastor in advance to arrange for the required baptismal preparation and formation.

  • HOLY MYSTERY OF CROWNING: At least six months prior to the proposed wedding date, please contact the pastor to arrange for the required interview, sacramental preparation and formation.

  • HOLY MYSTERY OF THE ANOINTING OF THE SICK: Please contact the pastor at any time when this sacrament is needed. The pastor will make attempt to provide himself or arrange for another priest to provide the sacrament of anointing.

  • HOLY COMMUNION FOR THE SICK: Anyone too infirm to attend our services may receive the Eucharist in their home or in a local hospital. Please advise the pastor when the sacrament is needed.

  • FUNERALS AND MEMORIAL SERVICES: Please contact the pastor to plan arrangements to provide a proper burial and honor the memory of our beloved departed.

"Enter the church and repent ... for here is the physician, not the judge. Here one is not investigated, one receives remission of sins."
St. John Chrysostom


Our Location

There is ample off-street parking available at the church. Enter the parking lot from Sherman Drive or Armory Drive.

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